The latest tragic shooting of an unarmed black man — a child, really — occurred in a suburb of Dallas called Balch Springs. On Saturday night, April 29, as four teenagers were driving away from a house party, an overzealous police officer fired into the car, hitting 15-year-old Jordan Edwards in the head.

The location changes, but the basic details do not: A white officer, perhaps brimful of implicit biases about the criminality of black people, fires on an unarmed citizen, killing him. The officer claims that the shooting was justified because his life was in danger. The video contradicts that scenario.

In this case, mercifully, police officials fired officer Roy Oliver after they saw the images for themselves. They had initially claimed that the car carrying four teenagers was backing up toward Oliver “in an aggressive manner.”

In fact, video footage shows, the car was moving forward, away from Oliver, when he fired with an AR-15 rifle. While he has not yet been…

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