U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren — one of President Trump’s fiercest critics — today said her highest hope for the commander in chief’s first trip abroad is that he avoid sparking an international incident.

“I would like to start with his not producing an international incident,” Warren said today when asked about the upcoming Trump visit overseas, which includes scheduled stops in Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican as well as a NATO summit in Brussels. “Maybe we have lowered the bar so much that I would like to not see something bad happen, maybe that’s the place I want to start.”

Asked whether she has any concerns about the trip, Warren said, “I am always concerned about what Donald Trump is going to do.

“I am concerned about his 3 am. tweets, I am concerned about what he says to foreign leaders, yes, I am concerned,” the liberal firebrand added.

Speaking with reporters in Malden this morning, Warren also called for a special prosecutor to probe alleged Russian meddling in the 2016…

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