By D.C. Anderson 2017-08-11 21:34:52

The world’s merchant fleet is the sixth largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world, behind China, America, India, Russia and Japan. This is a problem since climate change will be a major threat to the continuation of our economy. We must find a way to do more to reduce the amount of carbon taken out of the earth and put back into the atmosphere.

This article – and the two video links below – will explain two new and innovative techniques to accomplish this. The first idea is a new way to help reduce carbon emissions by first removing the influence money has on the U.S. Congress. Note: this will be easier than you think. The second idea is a money-making ship based program to raise awareness for climate action all around the world.

The Earth’s Thermostat

The academic community inadvertently made a mistake by introducing climate change using mind numbing scientific details. To truly understand what is happening all one needs to worry about is the…

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